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Dr René Burkhard to be the new Head of the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate at the SVTI

After 25 years as an inspector and 10 years as head of the SVTI Pressure Vessel Inspectorate, Felix Heer is set to retire in December 2023. However, the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate will continue to benefit from his extensive expertise, as he will provide project-related support and assist with part-time assignments until further notice.

His successor is Dr René Burkhard, who has been working at the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate since August 2023. As part of his new role, he will also hold a position on the management board of the SVTI. When he takes over from Felix Heer, he will assume control of a well-organised, strongly positioned department whose expertise is recognised throughout the industry.

Dr Burkhard is a qualified materials engineer (MSc) with a PhD from ETH Zurich and a Master of Advanced Studies in Management, Technology and Economics.

He has a strong track record in various fields of the energy and industrial sector. He also has leadership experience and extensive skills in corporate development, communication and project management from his previous role as head of the Swiss market division of a national energy supplier and other senior positions, including as a project manager, process engineer and head of research and development in large-scale plant engineering.

In his statement on the appointment of Dr Burkhard as Head of the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate, Dr Raffael Schubiger, Director of the SVTI, said, “Having René Burkhard on board will consolidate the high quality of the provision of services at the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate. At the same time, we want to significantly strengthen our position as a premium service provider in the area of non-destructive testing (NDT) with the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate as an important pillar and part of the SVTI Group, the centre of excellence for technical safety and risk management.”



Dr. René Burkhard

Dr. René Burkhard

Dr. René Burkhard has been working for the SVTI in the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate since 2 August 2023 and will head the Inspectorate in future.